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NRG Wind Sensor

IceFree Wind Measurement System for CranesIceFree Wind Measurement System for Cranes

The Weather Station is designed for measuring of Wind Speed on top of Cranes during the operating period. The system, short described, consist of a heated Ultrasonic anemometer mounted on top of the Crane. The anemometer is connected to a Data Logger System, also placed at the Top of Crane.
The Data Logger is placed into a Weather Proof Case together with a Short Range Radio Modem. The Radio Modem is used for the data communication to the Operator on the Ground.
On the Ground the Operator has another Radio Modem, which is used to make a connection to the Data Logger.
Power is supplied from ground through a cable with CEE plugs at each end. 

Location: Used all over the world
System: ED, Hobo,
Sensors: NRGWind Speed
Data Handling: Hobo Ware Pro Software