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Oxygen Conductivity pH Temperature Flow - Ikka Fjord Project Greenland-1Oxygen Conductivity pH Temperature Flow - Ikka Fjord Project Greenland-2

IKKA Fjord Project, Greenland 

In close co-operation with Geological Institute, part of University of Copenhagen, ED Service-Center has delivered an AADI 3660 Datalogger Measurement system with sensors for offshore measurement of Oxygen, Conductivity, pH, Water Temperature and flow.
All as stand alone measurement, battery powered for a period of at least 10 month. A 110m sea cable from datalogger onshore connect the sensors to the datalogger. A special flow sensor with electronic control unit has been developed and produced for measuring of flow through the Ikaite Columns. A flow as low as 100ml per hour should be measured.

Location: South West of Greenland
System: Aanderaa Data Instruments, ED
Sensors: Oxygen, Conductivity, pH, Temperature, Flow
Data Handling: off-line by DSU unit and AADI read out software
Photographs: Marc O Hansen & Richard Martin