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Hobo Weather and Micro Stations -1Hobo Weather and Micro Stations -2Hobo Weather and Micro Stations 

For an institute within University of Copenhagen we have delivered some Hobo Weather Stations for stand-alone measurement of air-temperature, air-humidity, rain and solar radiation. This price-effective weather station has a very low power consumption, very precise sensors and for the PC a well function software with possible remote facilities through Radio Modem connection.

The Micro Datalogger has been used for several measurement systems, monitoring wind speed into top of cranes.

These measurements are used for documentation of too high wind speeds, with the result of down time for the cranes.

Location: Denmark and abroad
Systems: Hobo Weather Station and Hobo Micro Station
Sensors: Air-temperature, Humidity, Rain, Pyranometer, Wind Speed
Data Handling: off-line and on-line with HoboWare Pro & Remote Site Manager Software