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ED261 1


ED261 2

ED-261-1 Transmitter:



  • 0->1,2KHz measurement.

    • 3-Wire Transmitter.
    • No moving parts.
    • Wide Supply Range.
    • Suits inside the ED Cup-Anemometer.
    • Wind Speed Measurement Systems with few components.
    • Easy Interfacing with Industrial PLC- and CTS-Systems.



The ED-261-1 Transmitter uses an opto coupler for generating 2 pulses per revolution (optional 12 pulses per revolution). The signal from the opto coupler is supplied to a Schmitt-trigger for suppression of error pulses at low speed.

The output signal is switching from 0V to VCC –0,6V. The output signal is pulled up with a 10K resistor. Internal on-board there is a jumper which switch between the pull-up resistor and an open collector output.








Download datablad: ED-261-1.pdf